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Ada Ehi Moses Shares A Message To All Christian Believers Around The World [Covid-19].



Ada Ehi Moses Shares A Message To All Christian Believers Around The World [Covid-19].

Nigerian Gospel music singer “Ada Ehi” shares an uplifting and heartwarming message to everyone using her official Instagram handle.

Below is how she wrote it on her Instagram handle.

Newsletter – Faith

Born of God, Greetings in Christ’s name. (This is going to be a long read, but WORTH IT. Let’s go…)


Here I am mid air on a flight to Doula Cameroun musing the whole time on a beautiful conversation i had earlier with a dear friend Ayo Vincent about our faith in Christ. At the end of the chat it was our conclusion that as a people of faith, WITHOUT FAITH WE ARE NOTHING: We have nothing, can do nothing and above all cannot please GOD.

Lately I’ve been studying the heroes of old in the Old Testament and their exploits of faith, I believe the Lord is leading me on this particular, “Know Your History” journey. Nothing speaks of faith like the Bible itself, a remarkable chronicle of UNUSUAL RESOLVE, even the best story tellers and script writers are left in the dust by its audacity and brilliance.

Fast forward to today, COVID-19!

Someone said where is COVID 1-18? 🤦🏽‍♀️ And suddenly the whole world has come face to face with its mortality, Almost all at almost the same time. A hymn writer wrote “frail children of dust and feeble as frail…” It’s a brand new disease they say, the world has never seen anything like this in modern history, so faith must be silent for reason….

But I remember Moses who stood before the mighty sea, the world had never witnessed the parting of a sea before that day and reason must have challenged him, “Moses, we will surely die if we don’t surrender to the Egyptian armies”, but he stood his ground and his faith prevailed! Imagine the look on their faces as they walked through larger than life aquariums on dry ground. History was forever made

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