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Brittany Bexton – Believe Again Mp3 Download & Lyrics.



Brittany Bexton - Believe Again Mp3 Download & Lyrics.

Independent recording artist, Brittany Bexton, has announced the release of her sophomore single “Believe Again.” The original tune will be available via all digital retail and streaming outlets (Amazon/iTunes/Pandora/ Rhapsody/Spotify) on Friday, February 28, 2020. For a limited time, music enthusiasts who wish to take advantage of the pre-sale event may purchase the track.

Written by Bexton alongside Erica Sunshine Lee, and produced by Robert Venable, the autobiographical ballad revisits personal pain and hard-won faith. The native Californian’s emotional vocal delivery is an eloquent expression of her desperate plea for an understanding, and strength to restore her belief in purposeful being. Weeping cello performances and acoustic guitar highlights heighten the cinematic production.

How can you trust when your life is shattered
How can you stand when you’re on your knees
How can you hold it all together
Pretend to be strong when all you feel is weak
How can you hope when you’re feeling hopeless
How can you pray when you can’t speak
Where do you begin
When you’re learning to believe again

Having endured a series of traumatic life-changing experiences, Brittany turned to her faith and her love of music to write the intimate tune.

“After years of pushing down my pain and grief, and leaving my trauma unprocessed, I realized I suffered with PTSD. The condition brought on trauma triggers and severe emotional flashbacks. My decision to work hard every day as part of the healing process was treacherous, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made,” introduced the vibrant and tenacious songwriter and vocalist, Brittany Bexton. “I wrote this song about walking through that process. Writing and singing this song has meant a lot to me in my own healing, and I truly hope that it helps to soothe and encourage others to open their hearts to live, love and believe again.”

Bexton’s single release coincides with the drop of her very first book, “Learning To Believe Again: 30 Days To Finding Hope, Faith & Comfort In God’s Truth” (Morgan James Publishing/Feb. 4, 2020). The soft copy publication is a compassionate guide for those struggling to find faith and hope in the midst of pain.

Throughout the 200-plus pages, Bexton explores some of the heavier topics in the Bible, such as loss, abuse and trauma, while reminding readers of the power of faith and God’s love to offer comfort and breakthrough even in the most trying times. As a “thank you” gesture, early book purchasers will receive a free download of the track, “Believe Again.” 

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