Watch: Jesus Is Coming Soon, Little Girls Shocking Vision Live At TB Joshua’s Service [Exclusive].

Watch Jesus Is Coming Soon, Little Girls Shocking Vision Live At TB Joshua's Service [Exclusive].

Jesus Christ opened the eyes of this 12-year-old girl to witness a Divine, supernatural revelation during her visit to The Synagogue Church, Of All Nations (SCOAN).

In the course of her remarkable encounter, she received a clearcut message from Jesus Christ and witnessed angels and the 24 elders bowing in reverence to the King of Kings.

We pray this moving clip will inspire you to realize the imminence of Jesus’ return and the importance of sharing the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to the four corners of the world! “There is no excuse for being surprised by the uncertainty of coming events.

The uncertainty of the hour of Christ’s return calls for vigilance and watchfulness. Let us not wait for another sign from Heaven to convince us of the paramount importance of making the most out of life today because only today is our own, tomorrow is not.” – TB Joshua.


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